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What do I need to apply for GCMS notes?
Before initiating the process to request the GCMS notes you need the following ready:
 Your date of birth and full name as it appears on your immigration application
 Date of birth and full name of your spouse or common law partner (if you have a spouse
or common law partner included in your application).
 The application number for your application. You can have multiple application numbers
if you have filed multiple application so we just need the application number for the
application for which you want the GCMS notes. For application number examples click
 The UCI (Unique Client Identifier) is also asked for more reliable processing. An
individual can only have one UCI even if you have filed for multiple applications. This
number is usually 8 digits or 10 digits separated by hyphens.



Get accurate processing details from the IRCC about your application. The client now has the option whether they want to obtain their GCMS notes from IRCC or CBSA. These notes can be used as an evidence before federal court and Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. You can get your electronic notes delivered in your e-mail inbox.

The processing time to obtain GCMS notes through Access to Information Act is generally 30-40
business days.



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