Frequently Asked Questions

What are GCMS Notes ?

GCMS (Global Case Management System) is a centralized system used by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

GCMS notes are the only way to get accurate processing details from the IRCC about your application. The client now has the option whether they want to obtain their GCMS notes from IRCC or CBSA. These notes can be used as an evidence before federal court and Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. You can get your electronic notes delivered in your e-mail inbox.

What information will GCMS notes include?

The notes that you will receive will be a computer printout from Ottawa, Canada. The notes will include the officers note, program assistants note, details of the processing stages, and the point calculation details. The details that will be included will be specific to your circumstances and the stage of processing.

How can GCMS notes help me?

Apart from knowing the status of your application GCMS notes can help you know that your representative is doing their job properly such as submitting the correct documents and replying on time.  The GCMS notes will enable you to keep a check on such errors and take proactive steps before a negative decision is made.

It can also help you gather documents and prepare for the interview if you have been invited for one. By carefully reviewing the GCMS notes you can figure out the concern and the doubts that the processing officer have regarding your file because of which you are called in for the interview. GCMS notes can help you gather the information and documents so that you can address their concerns and resolve them

If your application has been refused it can help you understand the grounds of the refusal so that in the next application you can avoid those errors. Also, sometime the processing officer might have made a mistake and then you can get your case re-opened.

What is CBSA/CSIS Notes?

CBSA and CSIS notes includes the information related your application obtained from Canada Border Services Agency and Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

What is processing time for CBSA/CSIS notes?

It takes an average of 40 days to receive the notes. But sometimes they need more time they will informs us If that happens and we will let you know.

How are CBSA and CSIS notes different?

CBSA and CSIS notes pretty similar as they use the same GCMS platform. The difference between them is that in CBSA notes the security details are not held back, all the information that CBSA has regarding your file will be included in the notes. The CSIS includes when your application was received and processed, along with all the information CSIS has related your information

Should I request CBSA or CSIS notes?

The answer to that question totally depends on your circumstance and personal preference. Most applicants go with both and order both CBSA and CSIS notes.

What is processing time for GCMS?

IRCC has to respond within 30 days under the Access to Information and Privacy Act. But if for some reason they need more time they notify you within the 30 days’ time frame.

When should I order GCMS notes?

  1. If your application is taking longer than usual processing time, then getting GCMS notes can help you answer why it is taking longer.
  2. If is usually recommended to get GCMS notes after you get your AOR as otherwise your request can come back blank if they have not starting working on your file yet. But still you can order notes without AOR.
  3. If your application has been refused and you want to know what were the reasons that led to the decision.

Does the processing office where I submitted the file generate the notes?

No, All the GCMS are processed through the IRCC’s office in Ottawa, Canada.

What if my GCMS notes are taking longer than usual?

In this case IRCC will notify us and we will let you know as soon as we get notified.

Will ordering GCMS notes affect processing time of my application?

No, ordering GCMS notes doesn’t affect processing of your application. IRCC has clarified using its twitter handle that Access to Information and Privacy Act is managed separate then their normal business line and hence doesn’t affect processing of your application

But by getting GCMS notes you may able to figure what is causing the delay in your application and hence gives you a chance to resolve those issues faster hence may be able to help fast pace the application.

If already have appointed a representative or lawyer, Can I still use your services?

Yes, the consent form for GCMS is separate and hence handled by a separate office and processed independently.